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"Next-door Radiologist"

We offer high-quality tele radiology services providing acurate diagnosis and stable response with newest IT technology.

Users are assured of services as if a radiologist is located next-door.

Tele Radiology Diagnosis Services by K.K. Paradox

In recent years, radiological diagnosis became very important with the development of CT, MRI, and so on.
On the other hand, there are serious problems occuring such as accuracy of diagnosis, lower efficiency, etc. due to disparity of local medicare, insufficient number of radiologists. "To cover such problems tele radiology services have been growing rapidly"

Our tele radiology services provide with high quality at a reasonable price.
Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your current reading radiology system.

High Quality

Diagnostic Report by exclusive radiologist can contribute to the improvement of the quality of medical care supporting clinical doctors. Reports are strictly controlled to avoid differences in diagnosis doctor by doctor.

Low Cost

It is useless if the quality is not satisfactory even if the cost is low. We offer high quality at a reasonable price.

 Visualized Services

We accept contacts by telephone/e-mail for consultation. When you have questions on the report, our radiologists may contact you like regular radiologist at hospital/clinic.

Health Check Radiology

We engage not only in general clinical radiology reading services, but also in health check radiology reading services. Our professional checking improves the quality of health check, as well as reduces your burden.

Contents of Services

Confirming the request for reading, reports are returned within 24hours(in the case of general practices)
In the case of health check radiology, reports are returned by the morning of 4th day after receiving requests.

Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00

(except Saturday/Sunday/Holiday)

Please contact us by telephone after sending requests for reading.

Basic Charges

Operation with DICOM connection to PACS, etc.

Stand-alone Operation without DICOM connection

<General Practice>

<Health Check>

* For health check, we can offer special price depending on number of cases, etc.

* Urgent reading is possible.

* Same price for contrast enhanced CT

* Please contact us for charges not listed here

* The prices are for standard plas.

* Consumption tax to be added


Installation Flow

To be prepared by the customer

Please prepare the following

1.Internet Environment

* Contract with provider
* Fixed IP address

2.DICOM connection

Set-up of inspection apparatus for DICOM connection
It is also possible to send/receive DICOM images via memory media, such as USB memory

3.various dispensables

* printer paper, toner, etc.

K.K. Paradox lends the following

Machines necessary for this service can be lent by K.K. Paradox.

Configuration example
Flow until installation
Upon hearing the environmental conditions of the customer, estimation is submitted.

Prepare contract/purchase order.

Site investigation
Investigate the site environment.。
Check internet connection, LAN set-up, etc.

Investigation of machine preparation/operation
PC, scanner, printer, VPN router are lent by K.K. Paradox
Investigate internal system linkage.
Investigation takes about 10days

Case Report

Suwa Kyoritsu Hospital

HP Suwa Kyoritsu Hospital Website


Opened in 1974, offering high-quality medical care to the patients in the area.

Passenger Use

Started to use Paradox's tele radiology services in 2014 for all their CT images.

Comment by Suwa Kyoritsu Hospital

As we have no exclusive radiologist in the hospital, K.K. Paradox's service is playing an important role and we are very satified.

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